Home Developed: Stand Developing

I think I should create this new series where I explain and illustrate what goes on when the lights go out….

I have recently pushed myself into the home developing scene and so far it has been very interesting in the way that you can go out and shoot a roll of film and that same day have the negative images hung up in your bathroom. Ever since I started working more with film at uni and learning how to develop, I have wanted to experiment more with it so I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and ordered myself a Patersons two roll developing tank since these are the ones used in college. Luckily Richard offered to give away some of his Anadol Developer and Ilford Rapid Fixer as a sort of “starter pack” to help me gain some sort of skill before I got into ordering my own chemicals, which I am hoping to do in the near future!

First of all, I am aware that stand developing is considered the “lazy developers choice” but I enjoy trying different things, this removes a lot of the stress from the usual developing method and you can sort of forget about the film therefore, in my case I could clean the house.

The camera I used to shoot this roll with is the Vivitar Ultra Wide Slim, a very small camera which comes under the “Toy Camera” category. As you can imagine from its name it is very wide, which doesn’t help when holding it since on many occasion I see my fingers creeping into frame upon developing. Also with the fixed f/11 aperture, you have to be careful what lighting situations you shoot in. If it is too dark the images produced will be wasted.

Moving onto my “lab/darkroom” if you can call it a lab. My bathroom is perfectly light tight since it has no windows, apart from the lack of space it does a really good job as you can see:


It has everything you need which is just running water…

This makes for quite an entertaining workstation in complete darkness, with the empty tank in the sink and then fumbling around trying to release the film from its cannister. I tend to see people putting scissors into their film changing bags and I do not agree with this, bad things are bound to happen surely. After both rolls were slid into the reels this was then placed into the tank along with the light tight funnel. Lights ON!

For the developer solution, I used a dilution of 1+100 which was around 6ml of developer to approximately 595ml of water to make around 600ml of developer in total to fill the whole tank in which two rolls of Kodacolour 200 were inserted as mentioned previously and then it is left for an hour with a minute of agitation at the beginning.

After the hour is up I just continued as normal with fixer for around five munites, then rinsed and washed with fairy washing liquid to keep the film clean during the drying process. When the images were imported to Lightroom I wasn’t sure whether to do the usual and convert them to Black+White since I quite liked the colours it had produced after scanning the negatives in full colour so, I ended up with a mixture aswell as some very dark and contrasty shots due to me still learning with the Vivitar:

Jews Court
Storm Trooper
Pinhole Bridge
View over Peak District
Barnsley Bus
Finn in the Peaks


I am very happy with the images but one thing I need to remember is lighting, even though I’m sure these images were taken in open daylight some were still very dark and unusable. I can’t wait to continue developing.

As you may be able to see in the cathedral image there is a haloing effect on the building’s outline, this is a big give away to when someone has used stand developing, I love this effect.

Thank you very much for reading.


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